How to Make Use of Colloidal Silver Products

Research has now attested to the medicinal usefulness of colloidal silver. The use of this substance is prevalent in many different ways, often combined with other ingredients to derive a wide range of health benefits.

A great number of silver based products have been released in the market. Some of the most widely used colloidal silver products are listed below.

creams with Silver colloidal

This special cream is developed using silver colloidal and holds immense benefits for the skin. There are silver colloidal creams that incorporate the use of UMF rated Active Manuka Honey and Avocado Oil which has an all natural nourishing effect on the skin.

Basically this cream acts like skin food. The rich cream is such that it can be applied in liberal amounts onto your skin. Colloidals are particularly beneficial in fighting against bacteria and fungi acting as a natural defense.

Colloidal based water

This product is not something recent. Rather the ability of colloidal silver water to eliminate fungal infections have been known for quite some time.

This substance has provided an effective all natural remedy to deadly viruses such as streptococcus. The use of colloidal silver water has also healed conditions of inflammation of throats, ears, eyes and noses. The inherent microscopic electrically charged silver gives the water the ability to neutralize dangerous infections.

Medical science has also shown that silver ions actually have the ability to boost bone development. They are also known for promoting good overall body health. The immune system can also become stronger as the use of the substance helps to counter silver deficiency in the body. It has also been observed that the healing of damaged tissues is achieved at a faster rate when treated with colloidal silver water.

Colloidal Water has also aided in providing effective treatment to burn patients. It helps to speed up the recovery of burn wounds.

Recently there has been talk about colloidal silver water having the ability to reverse cancer cells to their normal state. The reasons why such capabilities are attributed to the substance are because of its ability to eliminate pathogens. Colloidal Silver Water has the ability to kill 650 different disease causing organisms.

When colloidal water is ingested it disables the disease by disabling the oxygen metabolism enzyme. MRSA infection treatment with collodial silver has also been used.

Eventually the dead cells are flushed out by the immune system. The fact that colloidal silver water destroys only the harmful cells and does not engage in a random destruction is what makes it free from developing any side effects.

Colloidal supplements

The market is full with various kinds of colloidal silver supplements being sold over the counter. Small silver particles with a relatively low ppm count are to be found in these supplements.

Silver colloidal is used in combination with a number of minerals and vitamins that work together to support the immune system.

Colloidal Supplements work as an anti-microbial agent. In the past colloidal silver was used to preserve milk and water but today it is used as a dietary supplement.

When this mineral supplement is added to de-iodized water it gives a TDS reading of 20 ppm. The combination of 25% ionic silver with 75% non-ionic silver particles works together to rid the body of all harm causing one cell organisms.

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