Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic

Millenary experience has taught people that no bacteria can resist in the presence of silver particles; even the very first medical applications of silver came from direct practical observation. Food or water preserved its properties and didn’t deteriorate over a longer period of time, then, people who used silver vessels or cutlery had lower chances of getting contagious diseases and so on. All these, opened the way for later scientific investigation that proved the effects of colloidal silver to be identical with those of modern antibiotics. Long before the invention of the medicine meant to destroy germs, fungi and viruses, colloidal silver was efficiently used all over the world.

A very troublesome bacterium such as Candida Albicans responsible for yeast infections cannot develop in the presence of colloidal silver. Moreover, the silver suspension has also been successfully used to treat E-coli infections considered to be deadly for the elderly and small children; administration for such extreme cases when infections seem to have won the battle, has been a real life savior. Since the immune system of elder people is deficient, they are more exposed to common infections that easily become lethal. Therefore, prophylactic administration of colloidal silver under the observation of a naturopath keeps viruses at the distance.

In the treatment of immune system diseases, of which AIDS is the worst, colloidal silver has been absolutely remarkable. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties have been proved in cases of streptococcal and staphylococcal AIDS-related pneumonia, since this homeopathic product may sometimes be the last chance to defeat an otherwise unbeatable infection in the condition of a damaged immune system. Presently, the remedy is administered in hospitals to positive HIV patients. For the prevention of an infection you could make some research on the various types of colloidal silver and then turn to an alternative medicine practitioner for guidance.

It is said that colloidal silver can be used to treat over six hundred and fifty types of diseases, most of which are caused by viruses and fungi. Though there are opponents who try to debunk the recognition of colloidal silver as a highly effective remedy, facts and studies prove it all. Presently, the efficiency of colloidal silver in the treatment of cancer is still in the process of investigation, but it won’t be long before conclusive results may be presented in that direction. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all! The sure fact that remains is that colloidal silver has none of the side effects associated with antibiotics administration.

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