Colloidal Silver As A Non-Allergic Product

Could one be allergic to silver under the colloid form? The answer to this question is both easy and complex at the same time: first of all, it is not uncommon to show intolerance to silver. This is the case of people who cannot wear silver jewels as they have an immediate allergic reaction manifested as itching and skin reddishness. Silver as such is not an allergic metal at all; on the contrary, colloidal silver is even used for the treatment of allergic symptoms. The explanation for the little or almost inexistent risk of silver allergy comes from the fact that colloidal silver does not interact with the body.

Colloidal silver remains stored at the cellular level and it is then eliminated by urine, stool or via the lymph system; the toxic and allergic effect is nil. However, if you have little tolerance to silver jewels it is not a good idea to try any silver compound as a natural remedy for a health condition. Toxicity of silver oxides is something totally different from colloidal silver; the latter if administered according to a naturopath’s recommendation presents no health risks. A possible imbalance may appear in case the colloidal silver products you are using have a doubtful quality and you are not sure what other compounds they may include.

Most frequently asked questions regarding the administration of colloidal silver concern its interaction with other chemical or natural remedies. There is not even one drug or alternative remedy known to interfere with the action of colloidal silver, and vice versa. The absence of any unwanted reaction is explained by the zero toxicity of the silver in general. According to its chemical structure, colloidal silver cannot create any compounds within the body and therefore it has a more than stable state. Germs are the only microorganisms it reacts within your system.

Daily administration of colloidal silver will be almost like the creation of an alternative immune system; there is no longer so much pressure on the organs that are finally free from all bugs, plus, it lowers the overall toxicity in the body. You will keep flu and any form of germ plague at the distance by the creation of a protection barrier; however, in case you are already the victim of an infection, you can administrate colloidal silver in parallel with anti-fever and coughing remedies. It goes without saying that there is no point in using colloidal silver and antibiotics at the same time as you may harm the entire friendly flora in the intestines.

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